Patrick lays comatose in a small private hospital, his only action being his involuntary spitting. When a pretty young nurse, just separated from her husband, begins work at the hospital, she senses that Patrick is communicating with her, and he seems to be using his psychic powers to manipulate events in her life.


As a 3D generalist, I was responsible for the CG components of over 30 shots, which included creating:

  • A CG keyboard to match a live action prop and design a series of shots where it would type on its own.
  • CG Brain Neurons that organically flow with electricity to show the brain activity going on in the character.
  • A CG eye that gets stabbed by a needle and filled up with fluid.
  • Existing live action props and have them fly around the room in a chaotic tornado.  Work collaborated with Jordan Bartlett.