My name is Michael Yates and I'm a Generalist Visual Effects Artist from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently working as a Lighting / Compositing Artist at Luma Pictures. Prior to that I worked as a 3D Generalist at The Post Lounge in Brisbane, Australia and at Anibrain in Pune, India as a Senior Team Leader of the 3D Department.

My passion is technical direction at both an artist and project level. I love discovering new techniques and pushing technology. As a Generalist I work in all areas of 3D, specialising in Lighting, Shading & Rendering, however I also have a lot of experience in Rigging, Scripting, Modeling, Animation, Dynamics, Tracking & Compositing. Having such a broad set of skills allows me to approach problems with a lot of tools in my skill set.

I love problem solving, and in my spare time I like to use my knowledge in Python & MEL to create pipeline tools that can automate tasks and help me complete shots faster. I have started this Blog as a means of sharing these tools with the 3D community. I welcome any requests or suggestions for tools and can be contacted via email.


m    +61 433 849 796